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The large front garden in Woking, Surrey presented several challenges. It�s on quite a steep slope, is an unusual shape and it was surrounded by huge Leyland Cypress and Hollies. It was dark, difficult to navigate in a car, and not really adding anything in terms of kerb appeal to the house. It was also not possible to use or appreciate the space.

The brief was to make the driveway slightly larger and provide a turning space, to remove the oppressive screen of trees and create a more attractive entrance to the house. The overall aim was to open up the garden and provide more useable space and attractive planting to give year-round colour, scent and interest.

Having widened the driveway and provided a turning space, on one side of the garden I created three asymmetrical terraces. Each terrace incorporates a curved lawn giving an Art Deco flavour to the shapes of the garden when viewed from above. The lawns are bordered with generous beds that are filled with a backbone of shrubs that are either evergreen or flower at different times of the year, then prettied up using a mixture of grasses, phormiums and herbaceous perennials. A low Box hedge inset with three dramatic Box cubes on the middle terrace defines the levels and adds a touch of formality. The herbaceous planting has been kept deliberately low, so as not to interfere with the lines of the garden. I used a restrained palette of white, blue, and a little shell pink, then added some purple heucheras and, bronze phormiums and fluffy pennisetums to give a little drama and texture. Wait until next year when this planting scheme will really start to pop!

Not only are the clients delighted with their new garden, but so are the neighbours whose small back gardens had suffered horribly for many years by being in the shade of the huge Cypress trees. Also, the house is on a main thoroughfare into Woking town centre and has attracted a great deal of comment and admiration from passers by. Everyone�s happy, that�s just how I like it.


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